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5 common grammatical mistakes to avoid in your writing

Basic writing errors look careless and unprofessional, and give the wrong impression of your brand. Here are 5 common grammatical mistakes to avoid in your business copy Photograph by Matthew Wiebe Your business materials are often the first point… Read More

The hyphen: where do you draw the line?

Not many people lose sleep over hyphens – but over-use clutters text and slows readers down, while misuse is confusing. Here’s how to get hyphenation right Photograph by Luis Llerena Like comma usage, hyphenation is largely a matter of preference… Read More

Don’t let hanging participles pull your writing down

Hanging participles can be pretty funny – but they can also undermine your message and dent your credibility. Here’s how to spot and rewrite them Photograph by Vincentiu Solomon Recently, I read the following sentence in a review of a TV documentary:… Read More

How to use apostrophes correctly

It’s easy to use apostrophes correctly – just check out this guide Illustration by Jen Peters via Design Love Fest This is probably the grammar geek’s biggest bugbear – never was a punctuation mark so horribly abused. But its… Read More

You were sitting down. Sitting, I tell you!

We really should be sitting down to talk about this   Photograph via Death to the Stock Photo I find language fascinating. Babies learn to speak intuitively and apparently effortlessly, yet learning a foreign language is so difficult. The way… Read More