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Writing for business: 10 ways to beat writer’s block

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen when you need to get some writing done. Here are 10 ways to beat writer’s block and get your words to flow Photograph by Milada Vigerova Social media requires many of… Read More

5 reasons to start a business blog

It’s one of those resolutions that always seems to fall by the wayside – but adding a blog to your website is worth the effort. Here are five good reasons to start a business blog Photograph via Death to the… Read More

Why your business should have a house style and how to get started

Do you write 10 December or December 10th? Tee shirt, t-shirt or T-shirt? Every business should have a consistent way of writing words and phrases with tricky or alternative formats – here are a few to consider Photograph by Bernadette Gatsby When… Read More

The gorgeous little green-eyed pet cat – a guide to adjective order

Why isn’t this a pet green-eyed little gorgeous cat? Because there’s such a thing as adjective order – and it goes like this Photograph by Monica Ricci Have you ever wondered why we say “the big red bus” and… Read More

My weird trick for getting to sleep

Do you lie awake at night with your mind racing? Tiredness suppresses creativity and makes writing almost impossible – but here’s a neat little trick for getting to sleep Photograph by Lechon Kirb A couple of days ago I sat down… Read More