The perfect reading nook

Dreaming of a reading nook of my own…

A photo of a cosy reading nook with quilts, cushions and booksA photo of an armchair, table and bookshelves to illustrate a post about reading nooks





Photographs left to right: Urban OutfittersMeg Biram

Do you have a favourite reading spot? I do most of my reading late at night when the house is quiet so I’m generally in bed, but it’s not actually that comfortable. My bedside lamp is static and can’t be angled towards my book and I have to lean sideways in a slightly unnatural position in order to see properly. Obviously I could leave the overhead light on, but reading by lamplight is so soothing and it really helps me to unwind. Not only that, but I’d also have to get out of bed to switch the light off again, and that would never do.

I love the idea of a wall-mounted swing-arm light that you can pull towards you, so that might be the way forward in the future. But these days I’m also obsessing about reading nooks – little and not-so-little hidey holes and cosy corners that have been set up for the sole purpose of reading.

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to reading nooks. Do take a look – there are some fabulous ideas there. People have taken awkward spaces beneath the stairs or under a sloping ceiling, or even inside a closet, and have added padded benches and pile of cushions, plus shelving and lamps, to create an inviting place in which to sit down with something to read.

Some of them are nothing short of luxurious – generous day beds with verdant views, bookended, quite literally, with bespoke shelving, plus pillows, blankets and cushions galore… I don’t think I’d ever want to leave.

Sadly, I can’t spot anywhere in my own home that would accommodate a reading nook for myself, but my children’s bedrooms have sloping ceilings so I’m hopeful that, one day, we might be able to fit some in. Luckily they both love reading already, but anything that further encourages them to curl up with a book rather than a computer screen would be well worth the effort.

Where do you like to read, and would you ever create a reading nook in your own home?