Month: July 2015

The perfect reading nook

Dreaming of a reading nook of my own…         Photographs left to right: Urban Outfitters; Meg Biram Do you have a favourite reading spot? I do most of my reading late at night when the house is… Read More

You were sitting down. Sitting, I tell you!

We really should be sitting down to talk about this   Photograph via Death to the Stock Photo I find language fascinating. Babies learn to speak intuitively and apparently effortlessly, yet learning a foreign language is so difficult. The way… Read More

7 steps to finished copy (when you’re not in the mood to write)

How to keep going when you’re not in the mood to write Photograph via Death To The Stock Photo Because, realistically, how often are you in the right headspace to sit down and churn out pages of brilliant… Read More

The blogging journey

Finding the courage to use social media and start the blogging journey Photograph by Daniela Cuevas This is my first blog post – the very start of my blogging journey – and I have to admit that it’s tricky…. Read More