Month: December 2015

Boring books: should you keep going or give up?

Some books are less than gripping – but should you persevere until the end or is life too short to waste on a book that you just don’t love?  Photograph by Dylan Luder I have a confession to make. I’ve been reading Don Quixote… Read More

Why your business should have a house style and how to get started

Do you write 10 December or December 10th? Tee shirt, t-shirt or T-shirt? Every business should have a consistent way of writing words and phrases with tricky or alternative formats – here are a few to consider Photograph by Bernadette Gatsby When… Read More

The gorgeous little green-eyed pet cat – a guide to adjective order

Why isn’t this a pet green-eyed little gorgeous cat? Because there’s such a thing as adjective order – and it goes like this Photograph by Monica Ricci Have you ever wondered why we say “the big red bus” and… Read More