Month: January 2016

How do you order your bookshelves?

From colour coordinated to randomly stacked, there are many ways to order your bookshelves. How do you organise yours? Photograph via One of the many reasons I could never swap real books for a Kindle is that… Read More

The hyphen: where do you draw the line?

Not many people lose sleep over hyphens – but over-use clutters text and slows readers down, while misuse is confusing. Here’s how to get hyphenation right Photograph by Luis Llerena Like comma usage, hyphenation is largely a matter of preference… Read More

5 reasons to start a business blog

It’s one of those resolutions that always seems to fall by the wayside – but adding a blog to your website is worth the effort. Here are five good reasons to start a business blog Photograph via Death to the… Read More