Month: May 2016

5 activities for bookish introverts

Reading and writing are wonderfully solitary activities – but occasionally one feels moved to rejoin the real world. Here are five bookish things to do that might tempt you out of the house… Thomas Hardy’s cottage by National Trust… Read More

Commonly confused words

Continual or continuous? Enormity or enormousness? Certain pairs of words are often used as if they are interchangeable, despite their sometimes wildly different meanings. Here are some common examples to watch out for Photograph by Josh Felise Sometimes a word comes… Read More

Finding the time to read

Has reading for pleasure become an occasional luxury in your life? You’re not alone – so here’s my 5-point plan for making more time for books Photograph by Anna Hamilton Reading is my favourite thing to do, yet I am endlessly… Read More

That, which or who? A handy guide to relative pronouns

That or which? Who or whom? Whose or who’s? For such little words, relative pronouns can cause an awful lot of confusion. Here are some tips to help you sort them out Photograph by Wil Stewart Relative pronouns are words that… Read More