Month: June 2016

Are these the best 75 books of the past 75 years?

Author Ann Patchett and her bookshop staff have chosen their favourite 75 books from the 1940s onwards – and it’s a cracking list. What do you think? And which titles would you add? Photograph by Caio Resende It’s a super quick… Read More

Tricky pronunciations and how to get them right

You say Dun Laoghaire, I say, er… From commonly mispronounced words to bonkers place names, here’s a list of tricky pronunciations that might just blow your mind Photograph by Alexis Brown If you read a lot, the chances are… Read More

Kids’ literary activities in London

We spent a few days in London over half term and managed to do some book-based activities. But who enjoyed them more – me or my children? Photographs via Following on from this post about literary social activities,… Read More

A quick guide to tenses

We get all flustered over terminology such as “past perfect continuous”, but tenses are easy – and useful – to understand. Here’s the full list of 12 with a quick explanation of each Photograph by Chris Lawton During the… Read More