Category: Grammar 101

Do you know when to use capital letters? Are you SURE?

Capital letters seem simple enough to understand, yet they’re misused all the time. Get on the case with this guide to the dos and don’ts of capping up Photograph by Tom Eversley Rogue capital letters are almost as distressing… Read More

Pause for thought: how to use semicolons

This overlooked punctuation mark is an incredibly useful writing tool. Today we look at using semicolons to bring greater clarity to your copy Photograph by Paula Borowska As someone whose writing can get somewhat… unwieldy, I’m a big fan of the semicolon…. Read More

10 grammar rules for super-geeks

Many of the stricter rules of grammar have fallen by the wayside – but true grammar geeks just can’t let go. Here are 10 for the truly committed… Photograph by Jordan Whitt It’s become deeply unfashionable to get wound up… Read More

A quick guide to tenses

We get all flustered over terminology such as “past perfect continuous”, but tenses are easy – and useful – to understand. Here’s the full list of 12 with a quick explanation of each Photograph by Chris Lawton During the… Read More

That, which or who? A handy guide to relative pronouns

That or which? Who or whom? Whose or who’s? For such little words, relative pronouns can cause an awful lot of confusion. Here are some tips to help you sort them out Photograph by Wil Stewart Relative pronouns are words that… Read More