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Five reasons why reading is good for you

Reading can sometimes feel like an indulgence – but it’s good for both your mental and physical health. From better sleep to improved intelligence, here are five great reasons to read Photograph via Oh Happy Day I tend to think of… Read More

Finding time to be creative (when life gets in the way)

Most of us are so busy we’re merely skimming the surface of life. Here’s why we should get in touch with our creative sides – and how I’m planning to do it Photograph by Tomasz Bazylinski First off, an… Read More

How I let go of my to-do list

Does your to-do list rule your day? Here’s how to ditch it for good – and still get everything done I was in two minds as to whether I should write this post, because I will probably end… Read More

Tricky pronunciations and how to get them right

You say Dun Laoghaire, I say, er… From commonly mispronounced words to bonkers place names, here’s a list of tricky pronunciations that might just blow your mind Photograph by Alexis Brown If you read a lot, the chances are… Read More

Kids’ literary activities in London

We spent a few days in London over half term and managed to do some book-based activities. But who enjoyed them more – me or my children? Photographs via Following on from this post about literary social activities,… Read More