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How to manage your reading list when you want to read everything

With so many great new books around, plus several centuries’ worth of classics, it’s not surprising our reading lists can get a little crazy. Here’s how I’m trying to keep mine under control… Photograph by Klaye Morrison Every December the book-of-the-year round-ups… Read More

5 comforting books to read in times of adversity

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9 short books for the easy win

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Are these the best 75 books of the past 75 years?

Author Ann Patchett and her bookshop staff have chosen their favourite 75 books from the 1940s onwards – and it’s a cracking list. What do you think? And which titles would you add? Photograph by Caio Resende It’s a super quick… Read More

5 favourite children’s authors

Revisiting books aimed at younger readers is a major perk of looking after children. Here are five favourite authors who are equally loved by my daughters Photograph by Annie Spratt Ahhh the school holidays. A joy, of course, to have… Read More