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5 ideas to improve your writing consistency

One of the most important rules of non-fiction writing is to avoid befuddling your reader with sudden changes of tone or direction. Here are 5 ways to improve your writing consistency Photograph via FancyCrave If someone is reading a piece… Read More

Commonly confused words

Continual or continuous? Enormity or enormousness? Certain pairs of words are often used as if they are interchangeable, despite their sometimes wildly different meanings. Here are some common examples to watch out for Photograph by Josh Felise Sometimes a word comes… Read More

How to find the right tone of voice for your business blog

Blogging gives you valuable contact with your clients and customers – but finding the right tone of voice can be tricky. Here are six suggestions to help you write with confidence Photograph by Antoine Beauvillain Writing a blog can feel… Read More

How to structure a news story

Anything to report? If you’ve got an announcement to make about your business, you need to stick to the point. Here are 5 ways to structure a news story to get your message across Photograph via Damsel in Dior I trained as a… Read More

9 steps to succinct writing

If your latest blog post or newsletter could pass for a dissertation, here are 9 ways to cut down your copy Photograph by Krzysztof Puszczynski I know, I know, it’s rich coming from me. This blog is not called The Wordy… Read More