A few of my clients past and present, and extracts from copy I have
written for them


Tom Faulkner

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(Extract from website copy)

Since its inception in the early 1990s, Tom Faulkner has grown into an award-winning and much celebrated creative business. It is loved by both private clients and professional interior designers for its show-stopping tables and chairs, elegant accessories, faultless standards of quality, and exceptional service.

Combining metal with marble, timber, glass and leather to form a group of sophisticated collections, Tom Faulkner produces design-led, high-end statement furniture for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Despite – perhaps because of – the fact that Tom himself does not come from a formal design background, he has become the master of the simple but striking form. His love of geometry, passion for architecture and nature, and fascination with Victorian engineering feed into a singular aesthetic of elemental lines and shapes combined with daring proportions and exquisite natural materials. This characteristically pared back style lends his designs a versatility that enables them to work as either theatrical stand-alone pieces or components of a larger scheme.


Eyewear Concierge













(Extract from a brand description of Leisure Society eyewear)

An eyewear brand that embodies a philosophy of life may sound like an unusual proposition, but Leisure Society is no ordinary company. The brainchild of acclaimed glasses guru Shane Baum, it has refined, elegant design and unapologetic luxury at its heart, reflecting his passion for high-end travel and sophisticated and enriching pastimes.

Baum is surely the epitome of the work-hard-play-hard ethic. Vice president of the eyewear division at cult clothing label Mossimo by the age of 26, he set up on his own just a few years later. His California-based company, Baumvision, was soon designing, manufacturing and distributing eyewear for clients including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Rebecca Minkoff and Paul Frank, and he was awarded membership of the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Over a 10-year period he honed the trademark approach that so delighted his clients – playful and daring designs that also demonstrated a deep respect for tradition, craftsmanship and attention to detail. But Baum, an aesthete and visionary renowned for his meticulously planned and beautifully styled social gatherings, could not keep his own sensibilities under wraps for long. In 2011 he poured his creative ideas and dedication to cultural pursuits into his signature brand – Leisure Society.


Vamizi Island Resort








(Extract from a guidebook)

In 1891 a British-run consortium took control of the northern part of Mozambique and apparently deemed the islands of no strategic or commercial interest. For the next 100 years the islands remained isolated and undeveloped – allowing wildlife to flourish, undisturbed by human impact. As civil war raged on the mainland in the late 20th century, decimating valuable wildlife habitats, Vamizi and its neighbours remained untouched.

In 1998, Jean Louis Masurel, a French former banker, Christopher Cox, a British marketing executive turned conservationist, and his wife, Julie Garnier, a French wildlife vet, decided to pool their resources, talents and passions to start an ambitious conservation project that would encompass tourism, ecology and local communities. Looking for a suitable location, Cox flew over the entire coast of Mozambique and, at the northern tip, identified three pristine islands and a continental area rich in biodiversity.

On further exploration, the group realised they had found a unique and incredible opportunity for conservation and research. They believed this undeveloped – and as yet unprotected – area to be of huge significance as a marine nursery and wildlife sanctuary for the whole Mozambican coast.

Having raised the necessary finances through French and British investors, they approached the Mozambican government and obtained 50-year leases on Vamizi, the neighbouring islands of Rongui and Macaloe, and the Messalo Wildlife Area near Quiterajo on the mainland – in all, 33,000 hectares of wilderness. They also consulted with the local Vamizi population, ensuring they were happy for the work to continue and willing to be involved. They understood that, unless local communities were included and stood to benefit, the venture would not survive.

The challenges were great – the area is remote and the islands lacked infrastructure and freshwater. Bringing in materials and supplies was a slow and difficult process. But the team were determined. As one donor says, ‘Vamizi Island is where we still have a chance to make a difference. You know, once you’ve seen Vamizi you become obsessed with saving it.’


Frederica Cards













(Extract from a press release)

Customers with an eye for a bargain as well as unique design are snapping up posters by Frederica Cards to decorate their homes. The card, wrapping paper and gift tag company specialises in witty and elegant designs using antiques and prints from the Georgian period, many taken from little-known private collections. The quality and thickness of the wrapping paper makes it ideal for framing to create unusual and eye-catching posters, and it can also be used in decoupage, book and box covering, or for lining drawers. A set of cards can be mounted and framed to create beautiful artwork at a modest cost, and the gift tags are often bought to accompany bunches of flowers or for place settings.

The charming and quirky papers, cards and gift tags include ‘Items which may have been found on a Georgian Lady’s Dressing Table’, ‘A Group of Well Known Dandies’ and ‘English Georgian Tea Bowls 1760-1830’, as well as types of apple, varieties of poppy, lists of collective nouns and popular Georgian names for children.

Used as posters, ‘English Georgian Blue Cups’ or ‘Apples’ look striking in the kitchen, while ‘English Georgian Playing Cards’ would be delightful in a games room and ‘Items which may have been found on a Georgian Gentleman’s Desk’ would be an amusing addition to a study.


Living Kitchens & Stone












(Extract from website content)

Kitchen design company Living Kitchens & Stone has opened a new showroom in south-west London to showcase its stunning range of choices for both traditional and contemporary bespoke kitchens.

The 3,000 sq ft space will allow customers to see examples of the company’s designs, from compact all-in-one units for small-scale apartments to high-end schemes using luxurious materials sourced from around the world.

Living Kitchens & Stone provides a complete service from design through to installation and offers a fabulous selection of kitchen styles, from the sleek high-gloss German-made Systemat and Emotion ranges to the jaw-dropping craftmanship of traditional Stoneham kitchens, hand-built in the UK. The serenely minimalist Italiana Cucine kitchen by Minotti, with all surfaces and fronts made entirely from granite and appliances hidden from view, is also on display in the showroom and its first-rate artistry and amazing attention to detail are well worth viewing at first hand.


Katharine Pollen



(Extract from product description)

Our mugs are made from fine bone china and are produced in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, an area in the north of England also known as the Potteries due to its world-famous ceramics industry. Internationally celebrated brands such as Spode, Portmeirion and Wedgwood are based there, and many of our finest craftsmen and women, from potters to painters, can be found working in the area.

The shape of our mugs is based on a traditional English design, inspired by the lines of old English delftware. As well as looking beautiful, they are comfortable to hold, have a fine rim and retain heat well.

We hand-finish our products at our studios in Bath, and re-fire them in our own kilns to produce a beautifully luminescent finish.

Our designs are inspired by movement in nature. Falling feathers, leaping hares and galloping horses convey the ever-changing beauty of the world around us.




(Extract from a press release)

Coloured glass splashbacks have become a kitchen phenomenon, and now wall-coverings specialist Opticolour has come up with a brilliant new innovation to add serious wow factor to your cooking space.

Advanced digital technology allows Opticolour to print photographs onto large glass panels – so your kitchen splashback can feature stunning scenery, a cool retro pattern, a trompe l’oeil image of wallpaper, or even a picture of your family.

The photographic reproduction quality is excellent and, as with all Opticolour’s products, the end result looks spectacular. Printed splashbacks make a stylish and original design statement while maintaining a clean, streamlined look. The panels can also be backlit for an even more striking effect.

Select a picture from Opticolour’s constantly updated library of images, or provide Opticolour with your own photograph. There is a range of standard sizes to choose from, or panels can be made to measure.

Glass splashbacks offer the perfect marriage of style, function and practicality. Hardwearing and easy to clean to a satisfying shine, they look great year after year.


Jennifer Sue Weddings







(Extract from website content)

Whether you want a quirky, offbeat celebration, a twist on the traditional country wedding, or a spectacular theatrical event, we can capture and realise your dream. We have access to a fantastic selection of props, decorations, accessories, lighting, china, linens and tableware, and we have the creative flair to turn any venue into a fabulous and enchanting space. Whether you are planning a chic, intimate affair or a fantastically flamboyant party, we will ensure that the presentation is perfect.

We not only provide artistic talent, but thorough organisation and meticulous attention to detail, too. We know how important it is that nothing ruins your day, so we only deal with carefully selected suppliers whose work we love and whose professionalism we trust.


Bear Interiors 










(Extract from a press release)

Modern homes store Bear Interiors has opened its doors in the popular Bear Flat area of Bath. Selling a carefully edited mix of contemporary furniture and stylish homewares, it offers the best in British and European design.

From sleek Italian cabinets to block-printed linen cushions, all products are chosen for their integral beauty, high standards of craftsmanship and individuality. Furniture includes lacquered sideboards and storage by Spanish firm Vive Muebles Verge and Bear Interiors’ own range of traditional and modern kitchen and dining tables. The eclectic mix of home accessories spans nature-inspired textiles by Bristol-based Linen Prints; bone china tableware in fresh, zesty hues by local artist Katharine Pollen; minimalist shelving from talented design undergraduate Tom Becker; and clocks, storage, bookends and signage by London-based Goodwin + Goodwin, who contrast elegant shapes and sophisticated colours with modern, industrial materials.

The shop will have particular appeal for customers who are looking for unusual designs and one-of-a-kind pieces to create a home that reflects their personality and stands out from the crowd. Prices are always reasonable and visitors will find many affordable items to refresh and update their space.